Wills & Co misselling claims to fall on IFAs

In February, the FSA confirmed it had stopped Wills & Co from giving investment advice and the firm began winding down and transferring customers to other firms. In March, the FSA lodged a petition for the winding up of Wills & Co in the High Court.

The FSCS says it is working with Wills & Co directors and the Financial Ombudsman Service to ensure all complaints made against the firm are transferred to the scheme along with all relevant company records, after concluding the firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims.

Once it has received the complaint files, the FSCS will send out application forms to customers to enable them to apply for compensation.

Stockbrokers come under the same FSCS sub-class as IFAs, meaning advisers will have to share the burden of any claims relating to Wills & Co.

FSCS chief executive Mark Neale says: “We are working hard to ensure that we can start to process claims against this firm as soon as possible. Once we have received the complaint files that are currently held by the firm and the FOS, we will be contacting these customers with details of the claims process and an application form to complete.

“We do not charge consumers for using our service, and we have made the claims process as straightforward as possible, so that customers of the firm should not need to use legal or financial advisers when making a claim.”