Whitechurch sends Windsor Life dossier to regulator

The network polled its 163 advisers about the provider’s service standards after getting complaints. It received 20 scathing responses.

Compliance director Gaynor Newman sent the complaints to Windsor Life along with a letter asking how it intended to address the situation and forwarded the complaints to the FSA. Newman says: “I was really unhappy with the response I got from them. I do not even think they read our letter. It is costing clients money and huge amounts of stress.”

A Windsor Life spokeswoman says: “Windsor Life maintains an open and active dialogue with the FSA, which is fully aware of the issues and the steps we are taking to address them. We have taken on significantly more staff to handle enquiries and waiting times have been dramatically reduced. The backlog is being addressed actively and significant progress has been made. We have at all times treated this problem extremely seriously and apologise to customers affected.”

FSA spokesman Robin Gordon-Walker says: “We are closely monitoring the situation at Windsor Life relating to administrative problems.”