White Papers

Meeting retirement income needs through blended solutions

Advisers expect retirees to make up an increased proportion of their client bank in the future and service propositions must evolve to meet changing client demands. Aegon research shows income security and flexibility are important to consumers in retirement. So how can advisers help protect clients from running out of retirement income and still maintain […]

Market timing can present challenges for new wave of drawdown investors

The pensions freedoms introduced on 6 April mean that an increasing number of retirees are choosing to keep their pension pot invested in the stock market, while drawing an income. A challenge of this approach is that market downturns can have a painful impact on the value of those savings and on the amount of […]

Retail revolution

By the Asian Equity Team, Aberdeen Asset Management Did you know that Chinese online shoppers spent some US$5.7bn on a single day in November last year; that more and more well-heeled Indian consumers prefer to buy their tea from a pharmacy; or that urban Thais visit a hypermarket at least once a week and spend […]

Alpha ex machina – Monthly Investment Insight

By Ian McWilliam, Investment Solutions, Aberdeen Asset Management What do healthcare, self-driving cars, voice recognition and search engines have in common with the investment industry? Well, for one thing they all involve analysing vast swathes of data in order to achieve their objective; another is that they, along with countless other areas, are beginning to […]

Investment Insight – Mensis horribilis

By Richard Dunbar, Investment Solutions, Aberdeen Asset Management To the annus horribilis in the occasionally peculiar world of commodities has been added a mensis horribilis. In the past four weeks oil is down 20 per cent, copper down 10 per cent, corn 10 per cent and even gold is down 7 per cent. It doesn’t […]

Pride – Overconfidence comes before a fall

By Mike Turner, Investment Solutions, Aberdeen Asset Management This article expands on the seventh of Mike Turner’s Seven Deadly Sins, which was first published in booklet form in January 2014. Frankfurt, March 1995. German police officers pace up and down the tarmac of Frankfurt Airport. Disembarking from a plane, Nick Leeson is immediately arrested and […]

Gluttony – When it comes to information, less is very often more

By Mike Turner, Investment Solutions, Aberdeen Asset Management This article expands on the second of Mike Turner’s Seven Deadly Sins, which was first published in booklet form in January 2014. Have you ever gone shopping only to be bewildered by the numerous options available? You¹d like a new TV but which brand? Would a 50-inch […]

Investing globally: breaking down barriers

By Aberdeen Asset Management With access to the global economy, why wouldn’t you take advantage of having a global asset allocation? The benefits of investing globally have been well documented and yet investors have continued to invest in a disproportionate amount in stocks listed in their home market. This phenomenon, referred to as ‘home-bias’, is […]

Economic Insight: UK lift-off?

By Lucy O’Carroll, Chief Economist — Investment Solutions, Aberdeen The UK economy has picked up speed heading into the summer months, just as the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is about to hold a crucial meeting on interest rates. Earlier in July, the MPC voted unanimously to hold interest rates at 0.5 per cent, where they have […]

Indian central banking independence — put into perspective

By Kenneth Akintewe, Senior Investment Manager, Fixed Income — Asia, Aberdeen A recent proposal by the Indian government has caused quite a stir in central banking circles because at the heart of the credibility of central banking lies a decision-making process that is independent of government intervention — or at least one that is seen to be. […]

Post-pension reforms — invest like a girl

An interview with Anne Richards, Chief Investment Officer of Aberdeen Where can we put the rest of our money to make sure that it works for us, as far as possible? How important is it not to put all your eggs in one basket? What is the importance of tax wrappers in relation to long-term […]

Pensions move into the fast lane

By Aberdeen Asset Management From 6 April 2015, anyone in a pension has much more freedom and control over what they do with their pension pot from age 55. But will the new rules encourage steady drivers or freewheelers?