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What MPs say about the PBR

“The private sector is on its knees because of the banking catastrophe we are experiencing at the moment and it is only Government, through helping businesses and individuals, that is keeping the economy going.”
Treasury select committee chairman Labour MP for West Dunbartonshire John McFall.

“Does the Chancellor really believe that a oneoff short-term bonus tax is sufficient in his aim to permanently change City bonus culture?”
Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton Michael Meacher

“The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development believes only an ambitious fiscal consolidation will strengthen the economic recovery. Why does the Chancellor think the OECD is wrong and he is right?”
Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson

“For the banker bonus tax to work, avoidance by increasing salary or rollover to the following year has to be in place. If the Chancellor cannot put avoidance measures in place he may have to consider the bank levy proposals of Vince Cable the MP for Twickenham.”
Liberal Democrat MP for Teignbridge Richard Younger-Ross

“By implying that only £1.1bn will be paid out in bonuses, is the Chancellor saying this a ban on bonuses, or does he think that bankers will merely redefine themselves as managers of hedge funds, work for non-bank banks or indeed domicile themselves outside of the UK to receive bonuses?”
Independent MP for Croydon Central Andrew Pelling


Core will always strive to stay independent

A strong contingent of intermediaries will always fight to remain independent despite increases in capital adequacy requirements, professional indemnity insurance and regulatory burdens. Speaking at the mortgage round table, Mortgageforce managing director Kevin Duffy, said over the past year or so, negative headlines such as the collapse of Network Data, Prestbury and Premier Network Group, […]

cru cells face further delay

The publication of the net asset value of the underlying cells which CF Arch cru invested in has been delayed by a further month.


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