Wells Street Journal: Zurich vibrates to Selby’s tune

Hollywood celebrities soon grow used to stalkers; over-enthusiastic fans come with the territory. Some go a stage further – note movie star Nicolas Cage’s marriage to married Alice Kim, a waitress who waited on him at his favorite sushi restaurant, after a string of failed romances with fellow celebrities.

The relationship between Money Marketing hack Tom Selby and Zurich head of retail platform strategy Alistair Wilson is of a similar ilk.

But rather than taking a job pulling pints at The Green Man – rumoured to be Selby’s favourite Soho watering hole – Wilson has developed a high tech tactic to keep tabs on MM’s head of news.

At a meeting last week, Wilson shyly revealed a wristband that vibrates whenever leading industry commentators Tweet. To his delight, Selby was revealed to be among this exclusive list of influencers while no other MM hacks made the cut.

And, as Selby was keen to point out, it’s not the first time he has been labelled influential in the Twattersphere. Back in 2012, a dodgy poll published by thisismoney named him the 8th most influential personal finance social media influencer in the country.

Yet financial services social media experts note the majority of Selby’s internet output is devoted to updates on injuries to Blackburn Rovers’ starting eleven.