Wells Street Journal: Who let the Unbiased boys in?

There are some who say the financial advice profession has a problem with women advisers. The problem being, there aren’t very many.

To those naysayers, WSJ presents the Unbiased.co.uk Bluebook, an online database of advisers for journalists looking for insightful and/or regulator-bashing comments to pepper the pages of financial publications.

The database is searchable by gender – perfect for those who wish to promote rarely-quoted female advisers.

However, unsuspecting journalists at WSJ sister title Money Marketing have been confused to find three very male looking advisers in the supposedly female-only list.

Nurture Financial Planning’s Robin Sainty, Sterling & Law’s Laurence Sanderson and FSC Investment Services managing director Frank Cochran all make an appearance.

It remains unclear whether the mix up is a ploy by Unbiased chief executive Karen Barrett to keep journos on their toes, or an adviser tactic to appear in as many internet lists as possible.

Or could the three advisers simply be making a post-structuralist comment on the breakdown of gender binaries as a consequence of “second wave” feminist theory developed in the 1960s? The jury’s out.

UPDATE: Unbiased has now removed the three male advisers from the directory.