Wells Street Journal: Suter in bid for power

Parliamentary authorities had to be at their very sharpest this week to spoil an attempt to seize control of the UK’s democracy by WSJ sister title Money Marketing head of investment news Laura Suter.

Despite passing through airport-level security, the scurrilous Suter managed to inveigle her way into the very seat of British power, invading the House of Commons during a drinks event organised by Axa Wealth.

However, her ploy was cut short when tackled by diligent security staff used to intercepting boozy MPs strolling back from the Commons bar.

The intrepid hack was quickly escorted from the premises, with reports suggesting Suter repeatedly howled “don’t you know who I am!?” as she was dragged away.

WSJ sources are uncertain of what Suter sought on the green benches of Parliament.

However, one thing is clear – they are thrilled to have foiled another invasion from a suspicious scribbler.