Wells Street Journal: Reporter’s ride to fantasy land

As veteran advisers will know, award ceremonies are tranquil affairs where rooms of beautifully dressed financial services professionals sip fine wine and the silence is only broken by the polite clapping of others’ achievements.

But for one unfortunate hack attending last month’s Headlinemoney awards, the illusion of graceful civility was shattered twice in the same night.

Not only did one national newspaper journalist get fingered by the long arm of the law for being drunk and disorderly moments after leaving the Park Lane Hilton, but Money Marketing regulation reporter Tessa Norman was left emotionally scarred while travelling home in a black cab.

Norman left the event at a sensible hour in preparation for a typical day scouring FCA judgments for juicy details.

She was just halfway into the journey when the driver casually informed her that he had once starred in an adult movie shot in the very cab he was driving.

He proudly explained how his big break came when the actor originally hired failed to show up. Luckily, Norman managed to skillfully change the subject and the rest of the 25 minute journey passed in blissful silence.

WSJ understands Norman has since consulted a technology specialist and devised a plan to collect future journo gongs via a video link from the safety of her sofa.