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The Wells Street Journal: The KIDs aren’t alright and advising on horses

Money Marketing’s diary page brings you the latest curious goings-on from across the advice profession

Image of sheet musicGbi2 managing director Graham Bentley has spurred quite the conversation on Twitter over the past few weeks, after suggesting his followers rename songs with the word “kid” in the title, “since everybody and their dog are tortuously creating Mifid blogs referencing kid song titles”.

Bentley started off with a play on The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright” with the final word aptly replaced with “shite”.

The play on the PRIIPs key information documents continued, with some suggestions in the financial services twittersphere so far including “Cool KIDs of Death,” “Real Gone KID,” “The KIDs Don’t Stand a Chance,” and “New KIDs on the Block.”

The Money Marketing team would now like to offer their own suggestion: Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers’ “Who cares about those KIDs.”

Separated at birth

Pictures of actor Paul Sorvino and Nick Phillips, GSAM

Actor Paul Sorvino                                            Nick Phillips, GSAM
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Financial foals

For those looking to re-balance their financial budget, perhaps consider horse riding to work. After “crunching the numbers,” Horse & Hound calculated that the initial purchase of a horse, as well as its ongoing livery fees, the cost of a saddle, bridle, bedding, food, shoeing, vet fees and dentistry bills came out as more than £1,000 a year cheaper than driving a car.

If cost-cutting is not incentive enough, maybe your horse could help bring in some extra money on the side. Horse & Hound said: “If you feed the horse the right diet and sell the manure for a very reasonable 25p per kilo, you’ll be in for £3,000 per year, covering the running costs of the horse and more!”

Think of the traffic jams – perhaps there’s no point flogging a dead horse when you could be saving money.

Out of context

Cartoon of meeting as a concert

“I should make clear this boomer still has two of those three.”

Gbi2 director Graham Bentley responds to a comment that baby boomers had sex, drugs and rock and roll, while millennials have “moral panics, workshops and grievance circles”

“It’s just bloody enormous”

An advice firm boss is happy at the size of their new acquisition fund

“Can you go and help the horse as it is stuck on the fence?”

Diminimis founding director David Gurr discusses goings-on between discretionary fund managers



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