Wells Street Journal: Introducing Dr Ross Altman

Few things are more awkward for a journalist than an appearance in the “corrections and clarifications” column.

But, of course, humble beings that they are, that does not stop them from reveling in the minor typos and errors of others.

So congratulations to Marketforce, which has succeeded in amusing the likes of WSJ with the invites to its latest event with its own sticky fingers.

Because in dispatching press notices ahead of a conference in London’s Waldorf Hotel in late November, not only did the firm get the name of one of its star guests wrong, but the guest in question is a member of the current Government and indeed the current minister for pensions.

Welcome, then, Dr Ross Altman, headline speaker at Marketforce’s Retirement Solutions Forum.

Lobbyists may be hoping such errors will not affect the mood of the Government towards its campaigns as the future of pensions taxation is deliberated in Whitehall.

But WSJ is a creature of far more simple desires.

So, Ross, may you be joined at many future conferences by the likes of your Government colleagues David Gawk, Harriet Balding and, of course, Chancellor Guy Gosborne.