Wells Street Journal: Great Scot!


It’s starting to look like Gregg McClymont might have had the odds stacked against him when fighting to hold on to his seat of Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East.

Labour’s pensions boffin was one of the many MPs north of the border to lose his seat to the Scottish National Party, in this case former immigration lawyer Stuart McDonald.

But McClymont’s loss was Aberdeen Asset Management’s gain, and he has now been named head of retirement savings at the firm helmed by Martin Gilbert, a close friend of, err, former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

The Labour man previously accused the SNP of stealing pensions policy from his party, so quite what he will think about his new boss being bezzie mates with the man who helped orchestrate the party’s demise remains to be seen.

Perhaps a case of keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer…