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Waspi women should be given £15,000 each, Lib Dems say

Justice-Fine-Ban-Court-Gavel-Judge-700x450.jpgThe Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to correct the “injustice” faced by the Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign by giving them £15,000 each.

Stephen Lloyd, the Liberal Democrat spokesman for work and pensions says the Government should do so immediately.

Lloyd argues successive administrations have failed to help women who are set to miss out on years of pension entitlements because of a change in the rules introduced more than two decades ago.

This dates back to Pensions Act 1995 that provided for the state pension age for women to increase from 60 to 65 over the period April 2010 to 2020.

Lloyd appeals to MP Esther McVey, who replaced David Gauke in yesterday’s cabinet reshuffle, to take up the cause of Waspi women in her new role as secretary of state for work and pensions.

He says: “This injustice must be urgently addressed. The most practical way of doing so would be for the Department for Work and Pensions to make a sizeable transition payment to each of the affected women to the tune of £15,000 payable immediately, tax free.

“It won’t make up for all the loss but I believe it will be seen as a genuine attempt by the Government to make amends for the shambolic roll-out of the increase in women’s pension age way back from the very beginning, in the mid 1990s.”

Labour supported Waspi women in its manifesto during the June 2017 election.



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  1. My questions to Stephen Lloyd would be as follows:
    1.) Who is going to provide this money? The Liberal Democrats?
    2.) If a lady has “lost” 1 year of state pension (which was going to be say £6,000 and taxable) why would the taxpayer want to give them £15,000 tax-free?

    Clearly Mr Lloyd subscribes to the idea of the magic money tree.

    • Many of these woman have lost 6 years of their pensions amounting to £45.000 so the mere £15 is a drop in the ocean to what they have lost , Men only lose 1 year as they rise to 66 woman are losing 6 years as it’s gone from 60 to 66 That is fact it is not hard to look that information up . Ducan dear man the money paid to the dup would of paid every 50’s woman that £15.000 with plenty left for other things as they have stolen billion’s from us woman, The said money tree you mention has plenty on it when it suits the government .

      • Andy Robertson-Fox 9th January 2018 at 6:41 pm

        These women have not lost any pension as the “guarantee” is that in return for the qualifying weeks accrued through NI contributions a pension would be payable from the state retirement age, which has never been set in stone, until death. I accept that the notification had problems and the transition period is short which is unfortunate but quite simply they had no entitlement before reaching SRA….only hopes and expectations.

      • Without defending the Tory-DUP deal, it was a pledge to provide £1bn additional investment to Northern Ireland in education, health and infrastructure.

        The proposal covered in this article would likely cost in excess of £50bn (as far as we can ascertain from the minimal information about this illogical proposal).

        The “money paid to the DUP” therefore wouldn’t cover £15k for every 1950s woman; there would need to be at least 50 times that amount, which is obviously not going to happen.

  2. Just as well that neither party is in power.

  3. Woman against State Pension Inequality- I fail to see the inequality if they are being put in the same position as men. These changes were announced many years ago and make a previously unfair system fairer. Men have paid much more into the system since it started.

  4. As Duncan points out some of the WASPIsts’ claims will be well under £15,000.

    The only way Lloyd’s proposal makes any sense is if he wants WASPI to fail (like most people, including most women born in the 1950s), and to that end is attempting to throw a golden apple into WASPI’s midst and sow dissension in the ranks. By splitting WASPI between those who want to take the offer and those who want to hold out for the full £30,000 they think they’re going to get.

    In every other sense it is of course complete nonsense.

  5. It’s the prerogative of all the minority party idiots to buy popularity with OPM. Which is why the SNP would have a laundry problem if ever the Scots did vote for independence!

  6. So £15k for all those who need it and those who don’t. £15k tax free if you are a millionaire or a pauper including a certain Mrs T May.

    Mr Lloyd was born in 1957 so there is a fair chance his partner is of WASPI age and would get the £15k as well

  7. Nicholas Pleasure 9th January 2018 at 1:48 pm

    WASPI should change their name to WASPE – women against State Pension Equality.

    Giving people £15K because of their genitals would cause big big trouble. Men of the same age would also be entitled to the payment.

  8. Andy Robertson-Fox 9th January 2018 at 1:57 pm

    If Mr Lloyd is so keen to give away taxpayer’s money then perhaps he should reflect that the Waspi women have lost nothing to which they are entitled – ie a pension based on their NI contribution record from their state retirement date and which was never set in stone. The frozen pensioner, however, is actually losing annually an increasing amount of £p to the illogical and irrational policy affecting just 4% of all UK pensioners and which unilateral universal index linking would rectify. Their is no discrimination where the Waspi women are concerned but there is with the frozen pension scandal.

  9. Spurious nonsense. Still, I guess if you’re a Lib Dem, you’ve got to try anything to garner a few more votes

  10. Can say whatever you like when you know that nobody is going to hold you to account, a bit like some financial guidance experts!

  11. Frozen pensioners have lost thousands of their pension entitlements just because of where they live. This affects just 4%, they are the ones to have suffered decades of discrimination and inequality because they have been deliberately singled out by successive governments to be treated differently to the rest the WASPI women have not lost actual money just been shabbily treated by the DWP by not being informed in time about the changes. If there is any spare cash to dished out then the frozen ones are first in the queue.

  12. My many years’ experience of picnics tells me that if you advocate JAM tomorrow then you will attract will attract WASPIS tomorrow.

  13. jacqueline smith 9th January 2018 at 6:34 pm

    i what my pension now i cant carry on working till 66 iam tired i what to enjoy the next few years doing what i what not what the government tell me, i have never claim state benefits and work all my life give me what i have work for.

  14. My pension age has been moved back 3 years.(that’s up to press). I’ve already paid 33 years NI contributions and can look forward to paying in for another 17 years. Can somebody tell me where I can get some money back or a payment holiday please?

    • Women born in the 1950s did not receive a personalised letter when their state pension age increased. They are therefore entitled to thousands of pounds of compensation.

      Women born from 1st January 1960 onwards, and all men, did not need a letter as they will have found out from the internet and facebook. They are therefore not entitled to any compensation, even though they will probably have a higher state pension age.

      Hope this makes sense.

      • Not really. I was born in the 70’s, and think facebook is a pile of crap. My mother is a 50’s child, and is on it all day. Can I have some magic money tree money please?

        Ultimately it’s crap to find out that you have to work longer – but if your ‘plans’ are ‘rely on the state pension’ then that wasn’t really a plan in the first place, and whilst I have sympathy for those affected, and especially for those who were never in a position to plan – pushing an already parlous national financial position further into the red in a grandiose gesture which will not fix the problem is not a good solution.

      • Doesn’t make sense to me as I as born in 1961 with a SPA of 60 and I wasn’t told it had gone up. So in same position as a woman born 31.12.59. Except apparently I have had 7 years added which is worse than 6 in my book.

  15. £15,000 payable to each 1950s woman? An absurd proposal, a soundbite, clickbait, utter foolishness. Why focus on this narrow group who “need help”, when every man and woman from 1950s onwards have seen their SPA rise with precious little notice? A woman born 1/1/60 could reasonably expect her pension in 2 years’ time, it will be 8, yet she doesn’t fit the WASPI criteria for “help”. Can everyone please just accept that as a nation we are living longer and the State Pension Age must rise alongside, there will be no bridging pensions, accept this and live with the necessary changes.

  16. I’m afraid I must be cynical here. LibDem are riding on the WASPI bandwagon, as they see votes on the horizon by being a passenger.
    The reason I’m saying this is the history of the frozen pension issue & its connection to the LibDems.
    When Clegg was LD leader he (and Steve Webb) vigorously opposed UK’s frozen pension rule.
    Then Webb was made Minister of Pensions. He & Clegg U turned in the most dramatic double cross ever seen.
    Not only did they stop opposing freezing, they condoned it when Webb pushed it into law in 2014.
    LibDem has since then refused point blank to speak of it. Even Farron referred my email asking LD position on it to his “policy dept”. Then absolute silence took over.
    Has Cable ever spoke of this British policy that discriminates, splits families, impoverishes, creates inequality & is so against the LibDem Manifesto it positively screams??
    No he hasn’t! Why? Two words – shame & embarrassment.
    Don’t trust them WASPI – don’t trust them!
    I wish you good luck in your quest for your pensions, but as some have said before me – take a ticket and join the line. Some have been queuing for decades.

  17. There are some women who have been badly treated by having insufficient time to make fresh plans for the years between when they expected to get the pension and when they actually will get it. Government incompetence but not the discrimination faced by the Frozen pensioners as has been said.
    For the LibDems to suggest throwing money at it just shows their total misunderstanding and incompetence reecognised when they were in coalition.
    They are out of their depth and just making as many adverse comments as they can to garner another Brexit vote which is not going to happen.

  18. Given the fact the state pension which applies all men and women alike, highlights what is wrong and bad with a Ponzi scheme, the state pension is the worst of them

    Do not for one second think that this belittles the injustice for these women, but it pails into insignificance the loss everyone will have in the not to distant future

    The Liberal Democrats should have more seance, you could throw all the money in the world at this and it (state pension) still would have an expiry date

    I know this sound very harsh but; cruel to be kind and all that, the state pension needs to stopped, and a realistic date for this, be set !!

  19. All my adult life I have been accused of being sexist!! This subject is the most sexist I have ever come across, and yes I am in my sixties, male and have a complete NI record from 1973 to date, so can I be a WASPI!!!

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