VitalityLife unveils retrospective serious illness cover enhancements

CI-diagnosis-medical-check up-protection

Protection insurer VitalityLife has rolled out a suite of improvements to its serious illness cover for existing and new customers.

The changes will see the a family benefit automatically included for policyholders, providing customers with up to £5,000 per condition.

In addition, five new conditions will be added, bringing the total to more than 170 conditions.

The changes come into effect from 29 February, at which point VitalityLife also launches two new whole of life cover products which both provide upfront premium discounts.

The insurer’s new interest rate optimizer life cover will see premiums tied to long-term interest rates, while its premium optimizer cover links premiums to fixed annual increases of 2.5 per cent.

VitalityLife chief executive Herschel Mayers says: “VitalityLife is continually evolving to better meet customer needs through our uniquely holistic approach to protection insurance. Our objective is to provide customers with more choice so they don’t have to compromise on their level of cover.”