Vanguard looks at adding UK high-yield tracker

Vanguard is considering launching a high-yield tracker fund and a range of ETFs to plug the gaps in its UK offering.

Vanguard has a range of nine equity index funds and five fixed-income index funds.

The equity index funds include an emerging markets stock index, Japan stock index, Pacific excluding Japan stock index, global small-cap index, FTSE UK equity index, FTSE UK equity income index, FTSE developed world ex-UK equity index, FTSE developed Europe excluding UK equity index and US equity index.

Its fixed-income offering includes a UK investment grade bond index, global bond index, UK government bond index, UK inflation-linked gilt index and UK long-duration gilt index.

Vanguard head of sales Nick Blake says: “We would consider launching a high-yield bond tracker fund, as it is difficult to get returns from the bond market at the moment.”

Blake says the new ETF products will not be “faddish” or tap specialist markets.

He says: “Some of the funds in the ETF range will be equity ETFs. There is nothing wrong with swap-based ETFs as long as they are transparent.”