Vanguard hires new head of European retail sales

Vanguard has hired Neil Cowell as the head of retail sales from Standard Life to boost the distribution team, Money Marketing can reveal.

Vanguard has promoted the current head of sales Nick Blake to head of retail and European product development. Neil Cowell, national sales manager from Standard Life, has joined on November 9 as head of retail sales covering Europe.

Blake says: “Cowell has worked for Standard Life for 20 years, which is where I know him from, and was a member of distribution intermediary executive team. In recent years, he has managed a number of channels and divisions on the distribution side.”

The new position has been created for him as a result of a shift in responsibilities, Blake says.

In the new role, Blake will be looking at distribution and product development across Europe, while head of retail sales Peter Robertson went on secondment to the US for two years in August. Robertson did strategy and product development for Europe before this and these responsibilities have passed onto Blake.

Robertson, now Vanguard principal, now manages the retail side of the Vanguard US business.