Unlocking the power of early intervention

When someone in your company goes off on long-term sick, a thought might pop into the line manager’s head of ‘was there anything I could’ve done?’ Every employee’s situation is different and for many reasons, there may have been nothing an employer could have said or done to prevent sickness absence.

But did you know that where early intervention services are in place, they reduce the length of time someone’s off sick by 17% (or 18% when it comes to mental health). And by investing in training and development for HR and line managers, it could help to spot the signs of a staff member struggling, before a problem gets worse.

Desk ergonomics also play a big part in preventing muscular skeletal disorders. An 8-hour day mostly spent sitting at a desk can exacerbate existing conditions, so the office set up shouldn’t be a health-hazard.

Employees are a company’s most important asset, so find out the best way to support them with our Benefits of Early Intervention report.

Article 9 - Early Intervention