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FCA authorisations hit by consumer credit backlog

A backlog of consumer credit applications is the driver behind delays in the FCA’s authorisation process, insiders claim. Money Marketing understands that in May the regulator took 18 weeks to appoint a case handler for authorisation applications, which it expects to drop to 14 weeks by the end of June. This is a lag on […]


FOS orders SJP to compensate for 22-year-old advice

St James’s Place Wealth Management has been ordered to compensate a client for pension mortgage advice given in 1994 after initially complaining he was wrongly charged for life cover included in the pension plan. The complainant, Mr D, was advised to start a pension plan and link this to a mortgage repayment. He complained about […]


FCA boosts call centre staff after missing response target

The FCA missed its own targets to respond to emails and letters from firms and will employ a part-time telephone team to help with demand. The FCA today published its service standards report for the period April 2015 to March 2016 that rates the regulator’s performance on areas including authorisations, communication and complaints. The regulator […]

Neptune launches Japan Institutional Fund

By Chris Taylor, Investment Director, Head of Research Neptune is excited to announce the launch of the Japan Institutional Fund on 22 June, having disclosed to the market in March its intention to offer the product. The Fund will be managed by the highly-regarded Chris Taylor, Head of Research and manager of the long-running Japan Opportunities Fund. It will invest in the same underlying stocks as the Japan […]


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  1. Holding my breath, keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed and stroking my lucky rabbit’s foot in the hope that the vote to Remain gains a substantial majority.

    The campaign has been marked by absolute rubbish being spewed by both sides in the hope of swaying the public. Facts, logic and intellectual rigour seem to have been completely lacking. Hardly surprising when you remember that at root democracy is nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    Ask yourself what personal advantage do the remain people envisage? We know Gove is a for Brexit as revenge for the failure of his father’s business and Boris is just out for Boris. Even his family are solidly remain and bearing in mind his background (father an MEP and living for several years in Brussels) Boris has made hypocrisy into an art form.

    Then we have loonies like Farage, bleating about immigration and producing a poster with Syrian refugees. Hey Nige – did you flunk geography. Syria isn’t in Europe. Seeing newspaper and TV coverage it is also the case that those trudging across the Balkans, trying to get into Greece and crossing the Med are not Europeans either. So let’s have a little logic please. As for true Europeans, if you examine the statistics they are (on average) better educated that the average in the UK – so they could actually be of benefit. When figures are spouted about those immigrants on benefits no mention is made of their country of origin. I will bet that the majority of those are also not from the EU.

    The NHS is another favourite topic of the Brexit brigade. Odd then isn’t it that Dr Mark Porter – Head of the NHS – has said that Brexit claims are farcical.

    Trade. What a load of nonsense – does Germany have a problem?

    We will have a better place in the world if we retain our seat at the table with other Europeans. The days when we were a world player on our own have long since passed. Just hark back to the 1060’s and 1970 when we largely ran thing entirely ourselves – into the ground. Our prosperity (such as it is) seems to be pretty closely correlated to our full membership of the EU. If only we could embrace the idea wholeheartedly and stopped whinging all the time we might actually find ourselves a major voice and player in the European family.

  2. From the results thus far on the MM survey I can only hope that the same result is reflected on Thursday. It does rather seem that the vociferous Brexiters are actually in a minority. It would seem that logic might prevail over emotion.

  3. Logic tells us not to Remain in a failed bloc in relative decline that was fit for the 1950s.

    But to Leave and construct a format fit for the new century. One that is competitive and flexible.

    No wonder the modern trading bloc versions, NAFTA, ASEAN, etc are a collection of sovereign nations, with their own currencies, who co-operate closely. None have followed the disastrous and corrupt EU model.

    The EU is for the past, alongside its distant cousin, the Soviet Union.

  4. How in any way, shape or form is the EU like the Soviet Union???

  5. Bookies say the odds are 70-75% in favour of remain. They got the election and Scottish Referendum spot on. We’ll see on Friday.

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