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What is the outlook for UK M&A?

By Mark Martin, Head of UK Equities Despite the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit and the UK’s future relationship with the EU, Mark argues that the outlook for selective M&A activity is positive… Read the article here Investment risks This Fund may have a high volatility rating and past performance is not a guide to […]

Discretionary will trusts – navigating the first 10 years of exit charges

Discretionary will trusts can be an exceptional estate planning tool, but care needs to be taken when it comes to the charges. Planning is the key here – with the right strategy it’s possible to ensure your clients’ beneficiaries benefit in a tax efficient manner. The initial choice is clear: through their will, clients can […]

Diversification delivers

Royal London’s Governed Portfolios have reached their ten-year milestone. Lorna Blyth, Head of Investment Solutions at Royal London, reflects on their performance over the past decade. A multi asset centralised investment proposition (CIP) Our Governed Portfolio range is one of the largest multi asset propositions designed for customers saving into a pension. Ten years is […]

Three reasons to choose a UK investment bond

UK investment bonds have, for too long, been overshadowed by alternative tax wrappers and the perception that tax within a life fund is a disadvantage. This thinking can automatically discount an investment solution that can be very favourable, especially when you consider the tax changes over recent years. UK investment bonds can offer the right […]

Premature recession fears

Read the latest thoughts from Trevor Greetham in our Investment Clock Strategy report ‘Premature recession fears’. An upturn in volatility remains apparent as Wall Street experienced one of its worst December’s since the Great Depression. Recession fears continue to rise and markets are pricing in this eventuality, but current sentiment readings are extremely depressed, the […]

Steve Webb looks back at 2018 in pensions

From DB transfers to Brexit: Steve Webb, Director of Policy and External Communications at Royal London, considers the big stories in pensions from the last 12 months. Transfers One of the dominant pension stories of 2018 was the large numbers of people taking advantage of pension freedoms to transfer money out of their defined benefit […]