Out of context

Reigning on their parade: The Wellesley Grove Journal

A weekly account of the curious goings-on in the world of financial services Reigning on their parade Last week, one WGJ correspondent was lucky enough to be invited along to Royal Ascot. Once there, they were informed that they should very much enjoy themselves, but that their host hoped company insurance would not have to […]

‘All I want is a plain simple gherkin’

‘All I want is a plain simple gherkin’ Aviva head of financial research John Lawson is a simple man of simple pleasures. ‘I’m in Pret having my lunch… as usual’ IoD senior adviser Malcolm Small tires of the routines of the working week. “That is a pretty meagre output for a career” Cass Business School […]

Mark Dampier

‘I was told it was a waste of time talking to trade journos’

“I was told it was a waste of time talking to trade journos” Hargreaves Lansdown head of research Mark Dampier remembers a somewhat lukewarm reception to MM’s launch 30 years ago. “I don’t really care about Priips” Wealth Management Association director of regulation Ian Cornwall is only interested in Mifid II. “Everyone’s hiring 12-year-old marketing directors” […]

MM Shed

Out of context: ‘It’s like a shed’

“It’s like a shed” EY’s Malcolm Kerr is less than complimentary about MM towers “Are you saying HMRC is staffed by large cohorts of Eeyores who get on with their job quite well even while complaining about it bitterly?” Treasury committee chair Andrew Tyrie questions the staff morale at HM Revenue & Customs “People want […]

Jeremy Corbyn - Money Marketing

Out of context: ‘I have a job interview on Tuesday. It’s my first in 31 years.’

“I have a job interview on Tuesday. It’s my first in 31 years” Jeremy Corbyn policy author Richard Murphy isn’t keeping his diary free “How do you disprove a rumour?” Rowanmoor head of pensions technical services Robert Graves desperately fends off whispers the Sipp firm is for sale “Tech stocks are more bubbly than Michael […]

Out of context: Google ‘stochastic’ and ‘unicycle’ and you come up with me

“Google ‘stochastic’ and ‘unicycle’ and you come up with me” Evalue senior consultant Andrew Storey reveals his twin passions “We’re operating an ‘outcomes-based dress code’” Fidelity Worldwide Investment retirement director Alan Higham justifies his skimpy summer outfit “There’s nothing in there, so there’s no point trying to look to see if there is” FCA lead […]