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MM Wired: Beyond the election – On demand

Title: MM Wired: Beyond the election Date: Thursday 15th June Time: 11am Money Marketing Wired returned in association with The UK Edge on Thursday 15 June with a topical debate on the election results. To see the full on-demand version of this session, please watch the video above. Panelists Stephanie Flanders – Chief Market Strategist (UK […]

MM Wired: The role of emotional support in advice – On demand

Title: The role of emotional support in advice Date: Tuesday November 29th Time: 9.30am Topics discussed: When is an adviser more than just an adviser? What is the role of the adviser and the provider in supporting a protection claim? What do we mean when we talk about value-added services? Have value-added services become more […]

Watch MM Wired: FAMR in action – but will it work?

Date: Thursday November 17th Time: 10.30am Title: FAMR in action but will it work Topics discussed: Will a £500 advice allowance encourage more people to seek advice? What role could the advice allowance play in driving workplace advice? Is a new definition of advice necessary? Would it be better to focus on getting clarity on […]

MM Wired: Managing the risks of non-advised drawdown

Topics discussed: • Following the wave of non-advised drawdown launches, have savers been left overly exposed to stockmarket falls? • Should there be greater controls to prevent people from running out of money? • How do advisers manage drawdown clients without the fixed review periods that existed under capped drawdown? • Is there an appropriate […]

MM Wired: Humans vs robots – the role of tech in advice

  Advice models are evolving all the time, from pure face-to-face advice, to online models, to robo-advice. There is now even talk of so-called “bionic” advice where technology and human interaction combine. Technology has been dubbed by some as the surefire way to boost access to advice, but is this actually the case? Can advisers […]

MM Wired: Tomorrow’s adviser today

Sponsored by:  TOMORROW’S ADVISER TODAY What will a successful pensions adviser look like in 2020? What new skills will be needed in future and how will individuals’ roles change within firms? How can pension advisers best target the different segments of their client bases – whether live wealth management clients, historic trail customers, employees within […]

MM Wired: Understanding due diligence

Sponsored by:  UNDERSTANDING DUE DILIGENCE Is there such a thing as the correct formula to approach due diligence? What criteria should advisers use when assessing tools or third party services? What are the pitfalls advisers should avoid in reviewing products? How should the due diligence process differ when it comes to working with third parties? […]

MM Wired: The key takeaways from the Autumn Statement

Sponsored by:  THE KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE AUTUMN STATEMENT Analysis of key tax planning changes advisers need to be aware of, e.g. changes to annual allowance, a steer on direction of travel for pension tax relief, salary sacrifice etc Announcements on any changes to Pension Wise framework/ developments with the advice market review How do […]


MM Wired: What next for pension tax relief?

Thursday 08 October 2015, 10am. Subject:What next for pension tax relief? Sponsor: Royal London The Government has fired the starting gun on the next big reform to shake up the pensions market – pension tax relief. Having decided the current model of pension taxation looks unsustainable, politicians and policymakers are now trying to decide the […]

Money Marketing Wired: Planning without protection

MM Wired: Thursday 24 September, 10am. The protection market has a big problem – consumers and businesses think they do not need cover. But is the bigger issue the number of advisers who believe protection is not worth selling? Topics to discuss: Are advisers snobbish about selling protection? If so, how can these attitudes be […]