Introducing Money Marketing Interactive

There was a heavy weight of expectation ahead of the Financial Advice Market Review final report. The review was tasked with boosting access to advice, making advice more affordable and tackling the uncertainty around future liability. And all this while maintaining the high standards of the profession and ensuring we do not see a return […]


Getting it right

Romer-Lee says: “This is obvious, to be a good investor you HAVE to make good decisions.” Back to Moneymarketing


Knowing whose money it is

Romer-Lee says: “There’s a great danger that fund managers get ahead of themselves and become self-important. They have to remember why they’re doing it and whose money it is. That gives really good grounding and reminds day in, day out there’s a little old lady or a person waiting to retire who needs the money. […]


Long-term approach

Romer-Lee says: “Having a long-term approach is really important. It’s quite hard to build a franchise if you have long periods of underperformance but you can’t predict exactly when you’re going to be doing well. With a long-term approach, a manager should know they have good ideas that will come good in the long term. […]


Supportive employer

Romer-Lee says: “Great managers need a supportive employer and one who understands what investment management is all about. They give managers the resources and the freedom to invest. There’s all sorts of subplots here – the tension between being owned by a bank, being a privately-owned company or being a listed business, because you can […]


Conviction investor

Romer-Lee says: “I can be a lonely place, investing. If you have a good idea, back it and back it properly. There’s a tension between business risk and investment risk – companies don’t like funds that have fluctuating returns. They don’t like to worry about underperformance because it takes up marketing time and people start […]


Strong character

Romer-Lee says: “They need to be strong characters because their clients are at them all the time, their managers are at them all the time, the media is at them all the time. They have to be able to stick up and fight for what they believe. At the height of the TMT bubble, Woodford […]


Strong investment philosophy

Romer-Lee says: “Great investors have a strong investment philosophy. Neil Woodford is best example. For 25 years he thought that if you buy a high or growing income stream and paid a discount for it, you were going to make good total returns. That’s really simple and it stood him in good stead.” Click here […]