Pensions Regulator issues extra £350k in auto-enrol fines


The Pensions Regulator issued fixed penalty fines worth a total of £344,400 in fines against firms breaching auto-enrolment rules between April and June.

There were 861 fixed penalty fines over the three month period, taking the total number of notices issued since auto-enrolment was first rolled out in 2012 to 3,045.

Under fixed penalty notices firms are fined £400.

There were 38 escalating penalty notices – where firms are fined between £50 and £10,000 per day – issued in the period. This was a sharp decrease from the 96 escalating penalty notices that were handed out from January to March.

TPR used its compliance and enforcement powers 4,489 times during the last quarter, which was a slight increase from 4,161 in the previous three months.

There were 479 requests for TPR decisions to be reviewed in the period.

Nearly 400 decisions were either revoked, substituted or varied in the period although the TPR states that figure includes reviews that were requested in earlier quarters.

All of the 12 appeals heard by the tribunal service between April and June were struck out or revoked.

TPR automatic enrolment executive director Charles Counsell says: “Whilst the vast majority of employers are complying with the law, some small employers are still risking fines by failing to understand how it affects them.”