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The Private Health Partnership – HealthSaver

Type: Budget individual private medical insurance

Minimum-maximum ages: 45-79

Minimum premiums: Selected self pay level £1,500 &#45 £42.19 level 1 hospitals, £33.70 a month level 2 hospitals, selected self-pay level £3,000 &#45 £31.10 a month level 1 hospitals, £25.54 a month level 2 hospitals, selected self-pay level £5,000 &#45 £25.32 a month level 1 hospitals, £21.30 a month level 2 hospitals

Maximum benefits: No maximum for inpatient and day patient benefits, outpatient benefits except minor surgical procedures subject to individual limits

Cover provided: Inpatient/day patient benefits &#45 accommodation and
nursing, operating theatre fees and consumables, drugs and dressings, prosthesis, consultants&#39 fees, x-rays, scans, anesthetists&#39
fees, doctors&#39 fees, physiotherapy. Outpatient benefits &#45 specialist consultations before hospital admission up to £500 a year, specialist
consultations after hospital discharge up to £250 a year, diagnostic
tests up to £500 a year, scans and other high cost tests up to £1,000
a year, physiotherapy, chiropody or osteopathy up to £300 a year,
minor surgical procedures paid in full, radiotherapy/chemotherapy up
to £15,000 a year, private ambulance up to £200 a year, hospice
donation up to £250 a year

Excess: £1,500, £3,000 or £5,000

Commission: None

Tel: 01943 855411


Just who has terminated who?

So, Sesame would have us believe that the exodus of members from their network is, in the main, a result of the network having “terminated” (what a choice of a word, underperforming IFAs. Personally, I do not know of anyone “terminated&#39 by Sesame for underperformance, whatever Sesame means by that. I do know of more […]

Wesleyan bond doubles up

Wesleyan&#39s capital & income bond issue is a combination of a guaranteed equity bond with a high-interest account which gives investors a choice of a five or seven year term. Up to 50 per cent can go into the high-interest account, while the remainder goes into the guaranteed equity bnnd. The guaranteed equity bond element, […]

Heated over cold-calling ban

I see that the FSA is going to ban cold-calling in respect of mortgage marketing. Frankly, that is like telling the building industry that they are no longer allowed to mix concrete. The FSA says that “this follows in line with EU regulations, etc”. Do you know what I intend to do in relation to […]

Prudential offers maximum choice

Prudential has established the flexible investment plan, a unit-linked portfolio bond that provides access to a range of investments through five existing Prudential bonds. The product consists of the cautious bond, corporate bond, property bond, prudence bond and managed bond. The cautious bond invests in the cautious portfolio, which is made up of three M&G […]


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