Adviser charging and pay

Take the BWD/Money Marketing adviser salary survey 2018

Last year, Money Marketing took a deep dive into how advisers are remunerated with an extensive reader survey. This year, we’re going even bigger and better, teaming up with recruitment consultancy BWD to bring you the definitive picture on pay. With your help, we hope to decode how qualifications, employment status,  geography, gender, job title and other […]


Adviser pay hits ‘all-time high’

Adviser pay has hit an “all-time high” according to recruitment consultancy BWD Search and Selection. The results of its 2017 census, polling over 550 advisers and shared exclusively with Money Marketing, shows that employed advisers earned an average of £81,500 last year, up from £74,000 in 2015 and £62,800 in 2012 ahead of the RDR. […]


IFAs more likely to disclose status than restricted peers

Independent advisers are far  more likely to declare their regulatory status on their website than their restricted peers, according to new research. In a survey conducted by Money Marketing and adviser consultancy The Yardstick Agency, 83 per cent of independent advisers said they noted their independent status on their website, compared to 38 per cent […]

Nat Holt

Leader: Pay, profits and the perils of the FSCS

Pay is a sensitive subject. While the headline amount is clearly important, research has shown what is more crucial is not salary and wealth per se, but how this compares with those around you. Someone earning £150,000 in a world of £1m-plus salaries will feel relatively “poor”, though that will sound hollow to those struggling […]


Living the high life: What’s behind the rise in adviser pay?

This article is the latest in our series on adviser charging and pay. To catch up on the stories so far, click here. Advisers are taking home bigger and better pay cheques thanks to greater business acumen post-RDR and a sharper focus on the bottom line, Money Marketing research suggests. The latest in our series […]


Nearly a third of advisers earn more than £100k

Nearly a third of advisers are paid more than £100,000, Money Marketing research suggests. 66 of the 474 advisers who responded to our poll on how advisers were paid said their average annual remuneration was more than £150,000 year That represented just under 14 per cent of the sample. A further 17 per cent were paid between […]


The cost of advice debate lacks transparency

Journalists are in the business of asking difficult questions. When we are rebuffed, or where firms hide behind bland and/or blanket statements, it is somewhat to be expected. But when we are trying to get hold of information that should be readily available and we are met with the same response, it is clearly both […]

Do your advice charges stand up to scrutiny?

The issue of what to charge for advice, and how these fees are calculated, is one consistently guaranteed to get the debate flowing among advisers. Throw in St James’s Place, and, as we saw with the Sunday Times article earlier this week, it is a case of sitting back and watching the sparks fly. Whether […]


The advice price tag: How do advisers prove their worth?

  Advisers are striving to demonstrate they deliver value for money amid the glare of negative publicity on charges and greater scrutiny by the FCA. Firms are trying to meet the challenges of building a sustainable business for the future, calculating how advice charges should be structured, justifying their fees and ensuring the services being […]