T Bailey unveils Growth Fund Lite portfolio

The strategic asset allocation, which is subject to small changes, will be 23.37 per cent in North America, 26.04 per cent in the UK, 20.17 per cent in emerging markets, and 13.28% in Europe ex-UK.

Among the top Britain-focused holdings are the BlackRock UK equity tracker and the Fidelity moneybuilder UK index, both at 10 per cent.

At 12 per cent, the HSBC American Index is the largest holding in the North America sector, and the BlackRock Continental European Equity tracker is the largest in Europe ex-UK at 7 per cent.

At 10 per cent, db x-trackers MSCI emerging markets is the most substantial emerging markets holding.

The only holding in Japan is the BlackRock Japan equity tracker, at 2.75 per cent, and the only one in Asia Pacific ex-UK is the HSBC Pacific index, at 5.87 per cent.

T.Bailey head of sales and marketing Philippa Gee says: “We are overweight on our 17.5 per cent emerging markets benchmark. The sector may still have some momentum to play out, but we’re expecting it to fall back soon and are likely to shave back this position before long.”

Jason Britton, the group’s chief investment officer, and Elliot Farley manage the fund. It is nearly fully invested and mirrors the actively managed fund, the T Bailey growth international equity fund.