Standard Life looks at MyFolio income

Standard Life is considering launching an income version of its risk-rated multi-asset fund range MyFolio.

The MyFolio range has 15 funds, including five managed funds, five market funds and five multi-manager funds.

Head of UK wholesale Jacqueline Kerr says: “MyFolio is focused at the moment on the accumulation period and we need to look at the decumulation period, so MyFolio income funds are on the drawing board. With an ageing population, it could be a useful tool.”

The firm is also considering moving the MyFolio range from the Investment Management Association’s unclassified sector to the managed sectors.

Kerr says: “We might have to review the position of the MyFolio funds for commercial reasons when we become more comfortable with the final outcome of the managed sectors.”

Kerr says a combination of output and input measures would be more appropriate for the funds as they are run to a strategic benchmark of different risk brackets.
Best Invest senior analyst Ben Seager-Scott says: “Income has been in vogue for the last couple of years and will remain that way while interest rates are low.

Diversification protects funds from a fallout in one asset class.”