Staging date deadlines looming


By Griselda Williams

The 1 August deadline is looming for employers of 30–49 employees to begin staging auto-enrolment. Is that letter from The Pensions Regulator still sitting burning a hole in your inbox? Have you left it to the last minute to get it sorted out? Don’t panic.

Setting up an auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme is not the awful headache you think it is going to be. YES you need to follow the correct process, YES you need to budget for your employer contributions, but NO you don’t need to get yourself into a pickle worrying about how to implement it. Assessing your workforce, providing opt-out and opt-in processes, sending your employees the correct compliant communications, syncing your payroll system to the pensions administrator’s — this can all be managed very simply and efficiently for you in 10 steps with TRUST|Pensions, the workplace pension scheme for small businesses.

The laws around automatic enrolment are complicated. Getting it sorted can be straightforward by working with a scheme you can trust to get it done. TRUST|Pensions — for better, for all.

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