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As a leading UK pensions provider, we’ve been helping people plan their retirement for over 200 years.

Our priority hasn’t changed since. We believe in showing your clients the importance of preparing for the future – so that they have the right information and plans in place to enjoy the retirement they want.

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Drip-feed Drawdown – A tax efficient pension income solution

As more clients than before are entering pension drawdown, your role as an adviser is so important in converting their pension pot efficiently into a regular income stream and ensuring this income is sustainable. That’s where solutions like Drip-feed Drawdown are highly valuable. In this film, Scottish Widows’ expert Roy Vickery looks at the benefit […]

Special edition TechTalk: Changing Opportunities

Read the special edition TechTalk magazine: Changing Opportunities. Scottish Widows’ Financial Planning team revisits the biggest industry changes, while Patrick Leavey from the Group Public Affairs division explores changes to the legislative landscape. For this and more, visit the new Scottish Widows change hub