Scotland calls for second vote on independence


Scotland’s first minister and leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon says a second referendum on Scottish independence is now “highly likely” in the wake of the UK voting to leave the EU.

The BBC reports Sturgeon says it is “democratically impossible” for Scotland to face the prospect of coming out of the EU, when 62 per cent of the country voted in favour of remain.

At a news conference earlier today, Sturgeon said: “Let me be clear. Whatever happens as a result of this outcome, England, Wales and Northern Ireland will always be Scotland’s closest neighbours and our best friends – nothing will change that.

“But I want to leave no-one in any doubt about this. I am proud of Scotland and how we voted yesterday.

“We proved that we are a modern, outward-looking and inclusive country and we said clearly that we do not want to leave the European Union.

“I am determined to do what it takes to make sure these aspirations are realised.”

The Scottish Cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss next steps.