Rowan Dartington offers model portfolio service

Rowan Dartington is launching five risk-rated model portfolios and three direct shares and collectives portfolios in the next month.

The firm currently offers a bespoke discretionary service.

The five risk-rated portfolios will allow clients to access equities, bonds and collectives. The three model portfolios, comprising an income, balanced and growth offering, will offer access to direct equities and collectives.

The risk-rated service will construct and monitor portfolios according to security risk, portfolio risk, asset allocation risk and geographical positioning.

It has a £20,000 minimum investment if clients go direct to Rowan Dartington. If advisers invest client money via a platform they will have to pay the minimum required. The service will be available on Transact, Novia and Ascentric.

The firm is in discussions with Fidelity, Axa Elevate and Nucleus to offer the service.

The minimum investment for the direct shares and collectives portfolios is £50,000. Fees are yet to be finalised on both services.

Rowan Dartington chief investment officer Guy Stephens says: “The future of portfolio construction will still focus on asset allocation but this should be secondary to security risk.”

Partner at Bloomsbury Financial Planning Jason Butler says: “The one-man bands and smaller advisory firms might find the service of some use but bigger advisers should be doing model portfolios themselves.”