Ros Altmann: No way back on state pension age

Ros Altmann

Pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann says she has tried to find a solution for the women hit by changes to the state pension age but has been unable to do so.

Some 500,000 women have been affected by the coalition government’s decision to add up to 18 months to the start date of their state pension.

Altmann told the BBC’s Money Box programme: “I have so much sympathy for people whose pension age was increased at relatively short notice by up to 18 months.

“I don’t have billions of pounds to spend on keeping state pension age unequal for longer.

“My job is to implement the laws that have been properly passed.”

She argued when the affected women do claim their state pension, they will be on average £8 a week better off.

She added: “I have been looking at ways in which we might be able to help. I have been looking at it but I can’t see any way of doing it.”