Why active managers are praying for reflation

Investors will be well aware of the reflationary narrative in markets, with growth and inflation having picked up over the past few months. Yet recognition of this change has not been universal. While fund managers have been going long oil, hoovering up cyclical stocks and increasing active exposure, asset owners have shown little inclination to […]

Mark Dampier: How investors have created their own bear market

Just as a picture tells a thousand words, a single statistic portrays the current mood among investors: the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector saw more inflows than any other sector in 2016, as money poured from equity funds in 10 of the 12 months. But as the average monthly return of absolute return funds was […]

Is reflation nearing the end of its run?

There is a strong consensus in markets these days. Post-Trump election, terms such as “regime change” and “the Trump reflation trade” have dominated financial press headlines, as investors put their money to work based on the view that growth and inflation are going to rise. This has favoured equities over bonds. However, the catalyst for […]