Emerging markets


Mark Mobius: Celebrating 50 years of ASEAN

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. The regional cooperative was established in 1967, with Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore as founding members. Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia later joined. Back in 1967, the region was filled with strife, and the association was established to help […]


Mark Mobius: Reasons for optimism in Latin America

The demise of populism is an important development within many countries in Latin America. In the case of emerging markets more broadly, the rise of the internet and smart phones has aided this trend. Greater numbers of people now have knowledge of what is happening at the highest levels of their governments, and have been […]


Mark Mobius: Investing in the travel revolution

With improved infrastructure and better access to reasonably priced flights, more travellers are now able to explore exotic locations they had previously only read about or seen on television. And it is not just those in developed markets seeing the sights. Many people living in emerging markets now have more discretionary income available to enjoy […]

First State favours fixed income amid ‘acute’ market volatility

First State Diversified Growth fund manager Andrew Harman is expecting “acute” market volatility this year as his £18.9m fund reaches its two-year anniversary. The  fund is more skewed towards fixed income strategies than equities, with around 52 per cent allocated to bonds while equities make up around 37 per cent of the portfolio. Harman says: […]


Jupiter launches emerging markets bond fund

Jupiter has launched an emerging markets bond fund for Alejandro Arevalo, who joined Jupiter in December from Pioneer Investments. The Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Corporate Bond fund, a sub-fund of the Jupiter Global Fund SICAV, aims to provide income and capital growth over the long term by investing in emerging market bonds. While the fund […]