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OMGI transfers £63m Isa accounts to Hargreaves

Old Mutual Global Investors is to transfer £63m worth of Isa accounts to Hargreaves Lansdown. OMGI plans to move its 3,200 Isa customers to Hargreaves with effect from 24 February 2018 and stop its Isa service on the 27 February. The asset manager says the decision comes as clients increasingly demand online access to the Isa […]

2016 Global Survey of Individual Investors: How is investor behaviour rewriting the job description for financial professionals?

Trapped between expectations for near double-digit returns and strong apprehensions about investing in persistently volatile markets, investors worldwide are of the opinion that professional financial advice is worth the fee. But even though they believe individuals who work with a financial professional are more likely to achieve their goals, investors have a clear vision of […]


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  1. I’d bet that the 1.82% who’ve voted NO are those who are guilty of it.

  2. They should be “Banned” for Fraud, Obtaining business by deception is a Criminal offence, The Police should be notified, failure to notify them implies being complicit with the offence.

    • Fraud by false representation contrary to s2 Fraud Act 2006, but otherwise I do agree.

      Anyone who comes across a firm or individual doing this should report it to Action Fraud (at least, if not a SAR to the NCA), the prof body concerned and the regulator. Let’s not leave any hiding places for these people.

  3. and named and shamed!

  4. How can anyone vote no? It tells its own story doesn’t it?

    I would also add anyone lying be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, their CV, etc. about positions held should also be banished from our industry as they too cannot be trusted. Lies cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

  5. I sense that the overriding emotion is one of anger, and quite rightly so.

    When voting I am sure that many of us had someone in mind, the type who flaunts the successful lifestyle and has never done an honest day’s work in their life. Dig deeper and you will find clients being robbed, falsified tax returns, treating the business as a personal expense account.

    It is a behavioural trait, it would not surprise me if the same people tended to commit other criminal and moral offences, they generally stick two fingers up to everybody else until they are caught out, an occupational hazard.

    If they are fined they just find another mug whose policy can be churned to pay the fine.

    Rant over, I have been around long enough to know that these people have got away with it for far too long and still believe they are untouchable.Without effective controls they are probably right.

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