PM ‘supports’ financial education in schools

The head of a group of MPs pushing for financial eduction to be taught in schools says the Prime Minister has indicated his support for the move.

A report from the all-party parliamentary group for financial education and young people’s report called for children in primary and secondary schools to learn about personal finance.

Conservative MP Andrew Percy (pictured second from left) who led the report focusing on primary and secondary schools met David Cameron this week and says the Prime Minister is keen on the idea, which is now being considered as part of a review of the school syllabus.

Writing on his blog, he says: “The meeting with the Prime Minister went very well. He was supportive of our campaign.”

The group’s report, published in December, calls for primary school teachers to introduce basic money and mathematical skills from a young age. At secondary school, it suggests financial eduction should be split, with “financial numeracy” taught in maths classes and how it relates to real-life in personal, social and health education classes.

Percy says: “It is very clear from young people and their parents that financial education is both wanted and needed.”

The APPG is the one of the largest ever with 225 MPs and Lords involved.