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Personal Touch chairman Martin Wilson suspended

Personal Touch chairman Martin Wilson has been suspended pending an internal investigation.

Money Marketing understands he has been suspended for around two weeks while the network looks into the matter, however nobody at PTFS would comment on the details.

Personal Touch sales director Dev Malle says: “It is an internal matter and I cannot comment.”


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There are 44 comments at the moment, we would love to hear your opinion too.

  1. Martin Wilson is one of the good people in this market and I have great faith in his integrity.
    I cannot believe that he would be party to any wrong doing.
    I sincerly hope that whatever this matter is it is speedily resolved as I know just how well he is also thought of by his staff at PTFS

  2. I have known Martin Wilson for quite a few ytears and i jnow that he is a man of Integrity and Honesty.I hope that this problem will soon pass
    Martin is well liked by both his staff and brokers firms
    Mike Fitzgerald
    The EMBA Group Ltd

  3. I have been an A/R of PTFS for around 18 months now, and have met Martin on several occasions.

    He’s a great guy, well liked as the other bloggers have commented, and I hope whatever the problem is gets sorted quickly as I cannot believe he would do anything to bring PT into disrepute.

  4. Martin Wilson is nothing but a crook. He rips off the A/R’s without telling them that they are increasing the prices. This news comes as no surprise. I recommend all the A/R’s at Personal Touch look at their statements and then see if Personal Touch are taking the correct amount.

  5. If it’s an internal matter, Mr Malle, why have the press got hold of it?

  6. Someone obviously trying to make a name for themselve. Completely ridiculous that the chairman of his own company would risk the reputation of personal touch in anyway.;

  7. I am afraid Martin Wilson has had this coming for a long time. He is a nice man when met face to face but the underhanded nature of his business was always goin to catch up with him. I am positive that this is not something small and therefore there is no chance of this being quickly rectified.

    I would be surprised to see Martin back at PTFS and, to be honest, this could end up being a very good move by the company.

  8. Have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Wilson on several occasions. He’s always made me feel welcome and had time for a chat. A great bloke and a gentleman. I dont believe he would do any wrong. Look forward to seeing him back in charge.

  9. Michael O'Donnell 20th November 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Having known Martin for couple of years, he represents the “quality” that has earned respect from the people associated with Personal Touch.
    Its no surprise the company has gone from strength to strength even in difficult times it still treats its brokers fairly.

  10. Martin has been a great personality and always treated others as they wish to be treated. He as always been accesible to anyone unlike most chairmans. I am sure he wiull be back!!

  11. I am afraid comments about Martin Wilson treating brokers fairly in recent times can only be made by someone who does not know their business well enough to realise everything has not been rosy for the last 12 months, and infact, as a broker myself, feel he has treated every single one of unfailry on more than one occasion

  12. This is unbeleivable news…..without Martin, Personal Touch is nothing. His approach to helping brokers and working together has built his business to what it is today, I have met him a copule of times and he is a personable and professional guy, and I am confident that he will come out of this with his integrity intact.
    Vikki Jenson
    Best Price Insurance

  13. i just wanted to add my comments on this shocking news. i have had a number of dealings with martin over the last few years and he is one of the good guys, the most honesty and down to earth person iv ever met. I’m confident that he will come out with his integrity intact this industry needs more people like martin..

  14. Integrity, honesty, trust – are all words I’d associate with Martin Wilson. I don’t doubt for a minute, this is PTFS playing everything by the book. A storm in a teacup.

    NB If you are confident in your comments, why post anon?

  15. I would echo the comments above. Martin is a man of utmost integrity, honesty and professionalism. I am sure this is either a big misunderstanding or someone trying to score points. I am confident that in a short period this will all be cleared up and Martin will continue to build PTFS further.

  16. Martin Wilson is the face of PTFS and the reason many ARs joined and stay at PTFS.Without Martin PTFS will lose many good advisers. The other networks will then target PTFS directly in the fight for numbers at the top as they did with the likes of Network Data and Mortgage Times.

  17. I never add comments to forumes like this, but I have known Martin for many years and I am really upset for him that this matter is so public and being pored over by the media vultures.

    None of us know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, but – as someone who has known Martin for many years – I say that Martin is a good man and at this troublesome times, I wish him all the best.

    And for all you knockers, there for the grace of god goes you.

    This ‘industry’ of ours is already full of too much negativity, it’s about time MORE people like Martin were prepared to stand up for their businesses and people.

  18. Martin Wilson who wears his heart on his sleave is a man of upmost good faith, no other network has a chairman like him. A person who leads his brokers and team from the front.

  19. Hmm…I wonder whether this has anything to do with the Prestbury saga? Didn’t Lee Birkitt launch a claim against them?

  20. I set up my business in August 2007 (just as the market was turning).Martin as been a supporter , encourager and friend to me during these difficult days.He as always had time for the”front line” people.He treats everybody in a simple and genuine way and indeed is a leader.Martin Wilson is PTFS , he is what we are about.The industry need people like him who are approachable and available,at anytime of day or night.
    Hope its sorted in a positive way ASAP.

  21. the people writing comments obviously do not know the real martin wilson , a power crazy self centered out of touch individual , who has held back personal touch because of his lack of knowledge and whats going on in the market place , i wish personal touch well and i am sure they will now go forward hopefully without his medaling .

  22. Why does everyone try to judge a man based on there feelings this man has been at the centre of some very close to the wire recruitment taking all of the advisers into his non-regulated network and allowing them to escape wat every decent adviser has had to deal with, regulation is here to protect the consumer Martin Wilson only protects him self !!

  23. Personal Touch AR 23rd November 2009 at 5:16 pm

    I can only echo the thoughts of others. when I joined PTFS back in the early 90’s as a non regulated broker I went to Head Office for my initial traininj and he made the effort to end a meeting to meet me. I thouggh he was just one of the office staff as he probably had less room that the average in one big open plan office. He at that time was just one of us and subsequently over the next 15 + years I have never felt he has changed As a small on e man band PTFS make me feel that I am as important as the biggest IFA. That ethos comes from the top.

  24. Personal Touch AR 23rd November 2009 at 8:24 pm

    I can only echo the thoughts of others. when I joined PTFS back in the early 90’s as a non regulated broker I went to Head Office for my initial traininj and he made the effort to end a meeting to meet me. I thouggh he was just one of the office staff as he probably had less room that the average in one big open plan office. He at that time was just one of us and subsequently over the next 15 + years I have never felt he has changed As a small on e man band PTFS make me feel that I am as important as the biggest IFA. That ethos comes from the top.

  25. I totally echo the majority of comments above.

    I have been an Appointed Representative of Personal Touch since 2003 and have met Martin Wilson on a number of occasions since then.

    As a sole trader I feel I have always been treated with as much regard and respect as the largest IFA corporate account.

    My experience of Martin is that of a thoroughly genuine, sincere, approachable guy with the interests of the Network and each and every one of his AR’s at heart.

    I hope to see him back at the helm as soon as possible.

    As for the negative “anonymous” posts – if you feel strongly enough to add your tuppence worth at least have the conviction to add your name!

  26. I echo all the positive comments about Martin and hope that this is all resolved quickley. As for the very few negative comments at least put your name to your views.

  27. I for one cannot say that this comes as a tremendous shock.

    Although I have not worked for the company for many years (so cannot comment on it’s current processes, and would not like to be seen as being negative or enjoying someone elses discomfort), did always feel that Martin was a law unto himself and if anyone’s view disagreed with his, then regardless of the outcome they would be ignored.

    Anyone who has worked with Martin should be honest enough to admit that he did used to take a very “it’s my company and I’ll do what I want” approach.

    I would say that I find the personal tributes to Martin’s character inspiring and heart warming – I only wish I had worked for that particular version of Martin during my time at Personal Touch. However if he has under gone some radical personality transplant in the past few years, then I’m genuinely pleased.

    And finally for those loyalists that are critising all those with a different view to theirs (which no doubt mine will be construed as), please note I have added my name so trust this meets with your approval.

  28. Alan J.Charlesworth 24th November 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I have known Martin Wilson from the very early days of Personal Touch at the beginning, back in the mid 1990’s, I have been in the business 30 years, and still associated with him and PTFS. He kept, and gave Professional, Qualified , Licenced Financial Advisors an alternative to the industry that was crumbling,i.e.Abbey Life 2000 to still administer to their clients Professional advice with PTFS backing and administration. As we see the crumbling of the once Great names gone, Martin Wilson has upheld the Financial Advisor professionalism with hugh support from all at Head Office. How many left in the Advisor sector can equal PTFS results? Executive Associate Abbey Life 1979-2000. PTFS an excellent Company to be part of ,with constant continuing support, FSA compliance , TFC, and daily updates in order that we can give our existing, and new clients Confidence in our industry Thanks PTFS..Thats means ALL DIRECTORS and staff that support me in this constant changing “Red Tape” AJC

  29. I have been with personal touch for number of years.I have always attended the gala dinners
    which always was great atmosphere but last week I thought i was at different company
    one very big thing was missing Martin and Amanda was not at the door to welcome us.
    and Gala Dinner was like a Cheap wedding that you went and realised that you dont even know
    whos weding it is.
    Martin is PTFS and if he acted like it was his company that is because it was.
    who ever is accusing him should realise that without him company will be in a reverse gear
    we will all lose.

  30. I appreciate the last comment’s from Mr Anonymous.

    However I would point out that although Martin was the creator, Chairman and original owner of Personal Touch. It was not solely his company, because as even as far back as my time with the company, Martin sold shares and parts of the business and so infact had not only a board to report too, but shareholders aswell.

    A board which I would hasten to add that (if Mr anonymous knows anything about business and economics) would have had to be involved in the decision to suspend his position as Chairmen. Surely therefore you could surmise that any board taking this step must have had it’s reasons.

    So no sorry it’s not his company. Personal Touch is a business entity of it’s own and all levels of staff are responsible for own conduct – hence the situation we are now discussing.

    Also I would like to point out that Personal Touch was a company built on an extensive network of tied agents and introducers, so without Martin undoubtledy these tied agents would still pipeline their resources into the company or risk exposing their own income.

    So no I don’t think the whole company would lose, infact the only person liekly to lose anything currently is Martin Wilson. Without him the baord will apoint a new chairmen and business would continue as normal.

    As an experienced broker myself I can vouch that no matter how great relationship and how loyal your introducers are, they will never jepordise their own business practices! I have no doubt PTFS will continue as before!

    To echo some earlier comments in this forum, if you are so confident in your appraisels than why not put your name to them? – or is this because we would see that you are biased member of staff?

    Again I reiterate that it is a shame that this situation has occurred, but if you are going to constantly conflict with your staff then you can’t expect them to support you forever!

  31. The views on this blog are very polarised not unlike Martin’s split personality.

    Martin Wilson is a power crazed, ego maniac, bully. If you play the game his way and accept all the changes that he makes you will see the pleasant gentleman. If however you challenge him or dare to disagree with his view point you will be ostrasised and cast outside of the Personal Touch family. This is well known throughout the network and the way that Martin applies pressure on those who don’t tow the line.

    There are many in this thread that have commented on what a good guy he is after meeting him a couple of times. I suggest these people think back to how often they have confronted an unacceptable issue with Martin. Then think how often Martin has moved the goal posts, adjusted the financial terms or changed working practices while they stand by and let it happen. Maybe if some of these individuals had actually tried to stand their ground whilst Martin decided to take more of their commission they would have seen the man behind the mask.

    Rgarding his suspension the man is innocent until proven guilty. Although the severity with which this ‘grievence’ has been handled would suggest that there is a little more than just a disgruntled employee making a complaint. Lets hope that when the truth comes out we don’t see a lot of people with egg on their faces doing u turns on this blog!

  32. i agree strongly with the last post , mr wilson has thoughts for one person only thats his self and in my opinion for personal touch to go forward they need to severe the relationship asap , the only thing mar wilson exceled at was moving the goalposts and introducing products which nobody wanted .

  33. I think this is brilliant….. Martin Wilson had this coming what a positive move by PTFS. However there is no smoke without fire in my opinion. It won’t be long until the FSA step in and investigate them too… Wonder just how much John Riddick had to do with this too??? Always had my suspisions about him too? I was concidering joining PTFS however – after this I WOULDN’T TOUCH EM WITH A BARGE POLE…

  34. I’m surprised no-one has mentioned the last set of the Group’s consolidated accounts in this blog ….
    … year ended 12/08 – loss of £3.95M. Negative balance sheet to the tune of £1.6M and that includes ‘intangible’ assets (i.e. of no actual realisable value) of £7.6M and over £5M attributable to ‘recoverable clawback clauses in AR firms’ contracts’. So, from it’s own resources (not yours!) I recon that makes it c.£14M the wrong side of the border. This is a business on borrowed time. I’m not saying this is anything to do with Martin’s situation but it makes you think (or should I say worry). On the other hand he is a nice guy so that’s all right then!!

  35. Having been on the board of a network I feel that i can voice my opinion with regards to this. Does anybody actually know the concrete reason why Mr Wilson was supsended….?the process, regardless of the reason, would be the same as it has been. Mr Wilson would be suspended whilst the company investigated the matter at hand. For all we know it could be something small is the point im trying to get across. So untill we know that 100% of the information we hear is correct then I dont think its fair or just to question the integrity and personality of Mr Wilson. I am not defending or prosecuting the name of Mr Wilson or Personal Touch but I will wait untill we hear what the unquestionable reason was he was suspended and if anything comes of it before i pass my comments.

  36. I don’t know the man, but whatever is good or bad about his character, he is innocemnt until proven guilty (unless of course it involves the FSA or an FOS complaint in which case of course he will be more guilty than a terrorist until he can prove himself innocent and even then he’ll deserve to pay for the pleasure of proving his innocence because he is part of the FS industry….

  37. Wellcome to the World of being really accountable for your actions Martin, your sychophantic staff can not protect you this time.
    And the blind loyalty you appear to inspire is in fact a direct consequence of your bullying and threatening nature. This is the main reason people leave comments Anonymously, maybe they want to make sure that you cannot bear them a grudge, for which you are famous.

  38. Dear Mr self rightous ex board member of a network who feels able to inform us of the way networks work with authority if so why not give your name and ex position if you are what you say you are , you seem to feel that nobody can air their opinion ,and i thought thats what these notice boards were for , if so why come on and post when you obviously have nothing to say except anonymously that no one should have an opinion .

  39. I agree with John Richardson, if someone only wants to be called Mr Anonymous then frankly it is difficult to take them serious.
    What do we know about the decision to suspend Martin anyway? Not a lot? – Was it even a board decision or some decision the new CEO made?
    What is he accused of ? Corporate Murder? – we don’t know!
    Is it a an attempted boardroom coup? We don’t know!
    The longer all this goes on the more damage that will be done to PTFS, which is a shame.
    What I DO know is that over the years I have known Martin, he has ALWAYS been approachable, listened to any reasonable idea or suggestion to change a policy that a intermediary, either AR or DA has to make, Just as easy to get hold of on the telephone that he was 5 or 10 years ago if you had something to say to him; fought on the side of the broker when required rather than always take the compliance gold belt and braces route when it was a nonsence.
    Yes, there will always be someone out there that has a different view to mine, but that is what happens when someone is head of a company, you cannot please everyone, and of course now is the time for those who have an axe to grind to put the knife in!

    My message to the Board of PTFS and anyone there attempting a coup – be careful what you wish for!

  40. He is not whiter than white. I understand that Martin Wilson has in the past been barred from holding a position as a company director so perhaps this news is not so surprising?

  41. Martin Wilson – you may be able to fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    He has a very dubious history and has upset a lot of people along the way with his double dealings.

    Anyone who knows him well – rather than the occasional meeting – won’t be surprised at this news.

  42. Well this is by the far the most interesting forum I’ve ever seen in the financial industry and the opinions are really split down middle.

    So there are those that like Martin Wilson (current employees looking to get a promotion) and there are those that don’t like Marting Wilson (ex employees who have moved on to larger companies and high salaries than the pennies they once worked for).

    You see I like the current employees and I also like the ex employees but whose best?

    I guess theres only one way to find out……..


    I’d like to thank Harry hill for letting me use that joke. By the way has anyone seen the knitted character on telly this week? I guess we should be asking Martin that one as he’s been at home all this time.

    bet he’s dead fed up of Trisha and Jeremy Kyle!


  44. I DID work at the head office of this network for several years.

    if you ever dare to cross this man he was not nice – he hates the word ‘regulatory’ and had it removed from personnel job titles!

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