Pensions regulator encourages whistleblowers to come forward

workplace pensions

The Pensions Regulator has encouraged whistleblowers to come forward if employers, trustees or scheme managers are not meeting their automatic enrolment obligations.

In a blog on the regulator’s website, TPR said it wanted individuals to be aware of its whistleblowing service for when individuals notice problems with schemes, whether they be employers not paying contributions, firms not enrolling their staff, or potential scams.

Head of case management for auto-enrolment Darren Ryder says: “Whatever the issue, if you have concerns, or you think an employer, trustee or scheme manager is not complying with the law, then report it to us.

“Whilst we’re experienced at investigating complex issues and navigating through huge amounts of information, whistleblowing can often give us further evidence about employers or organisations, which can help us form a case and challenge the issue.

“Additionally, when problems are first raised, the scale is not always obvious. Whistleblowing reports from a number of different people on the same issue will strengthen our case for tackling a particular issue.”

TPR added it receives around 240 whistleblowing reports a month, and had recently made improvements to its whistleblowing process, including the online forms and language used.

Ryder says: “It’s important to raise awareness about this service so we’re looking to our stakeholders to share the message widely – which will help us to protect members by ensuring they’re in safe, well-run schemes.”