Ocean Dial looking to India

Ocean Dial Asset Management is considering launching sector-specific Indian funds as it develops its range of niche products.

Last week, parent company Caledonia relaunched India Investment Partners as Ocean Dial Asset Management and took 100 per cent ownership of the boutique.

The firm was previously 60 per cent owned by two private stakeholders, James Winterbotham and Kai Taraporevala.

Ocean Dial Asset Management is headed by principal investment adviser David Cornell, who is also Ocean Dial India Advisers managing director.

Ocean Dial Asset Management fund manager Shahil Shah says: “The next step is sector-specific funds. The sectors we think are interesting are Indian consumer, IT and pharmaceuticals.

Hargreaves Lansdown investment manager Ben Yearsley says: “You can see the logic behind sector-specific regional funds in terms of where growth is going to come from over the next five to 10 years.”