Obesity in the UK: it’s costing you money too

It seems each week, there’s a new article about obese Britain – foods you didn’t know had hidden calories, survey results on how much exercise people are actually doing – it’s a big topic.

But while it’s easy to overlook these articles if you don’t personally have a weight problem, this could be a major problem for the modern workforce: having unhealthy employees could be costing your company money every year. There are provisions, support and resources businesses can put in place, however, to encourage healthy habits. Healthier workers can lead to a boost in productivity and performance, reducing sickness absence and helping to drive your company.

With current trends indicating that 3 in 4 adults will be overweight or obese by 2035, businesses have a duty to take care of employee wellbeing.

Our wellbeing hub can give you the tools and advice to build an effective strategy, incorporating everything from physical and mental health, to managing sickness absence and beyond.

Article 6 - obesity infographic