Nest to launch integrated payroll service for SMEs

Nest is to launch a new service allowing firms to comply with their auto-enrolment duties through their payroll software.

Nest Web Services is due to launch by the end of the year. It aims to remove the need to manually upload information to the scheme, in a bid to reduce human error and speed up processes.

Employers currently have three methods of sending information to Nest. They can log in to online accounts and manually input information, enrol workers all together by sending a file or, for the largest employers, via secure file transfer protocol.

The new system will cover employer set-up, worker enrolment, contribution notification and contribution payment.

Daily reporting will also allow data to be transferred in and out of Nest and Payroll systems “seamlessly”, Nest says.

The majority of SMEs will be able to use the service, which was developed with payroll software providers Iris, Moneysoft, QTAC and Sage.

Nest executive director of product and marketing Helen Dean says: “Nest Web Services revolutionises auto-enrolment for employers by automating their administration and integrating it with payroll systems.

‘We listened to payroll software developers and understand that the payroll process, whether managed by the employer or their adviser, is crucial to auto enrolment’s continued success. It holds all the vital information for worker assessments and contributions.

“Rather than duplicate work for employers, we have integrated the two processes, reducing time and complexity.”