Neptune launches global technology fund


Neptune Investment Management has launched a global technology fund because it believes the sector offers “compelling opportunities” over the next 10 years.

The fund, which will be run by Alastair Unwin with Alex Portz as assistant manager, will invest in a portfolio of 40 to 60 stocks, be regionally unconstrained and sit in the IA Technology and Telecommunication sector, using the MSCI World Information Technology Index as its benchmark.

Neptune chief executive Robin Geffen says: We believe the current moment offers a particularly compelling opportunity in the technology sector, which is still largely misunderstood by the wider market.”

He adds that the fund will be heavily invested in the US and Japan, where “many of the key technological disruptors are found”. The fund will launch on 15 December.

“It is right to acknowledge that there is a major risk that the broadening and acceleration of technological change over the next decade will weigh heavily on the returns of the stock market as a whole,” says Geffen.

“By investing in those relatively few companies that are benefiting from this generational change in technology we believe the Neptune Global Technology fund will enable clients to diversify away this very major risk to their portfolios’ returns over the next decade.”

Unwin joined Neptune in May last year to run the company’s global technology model portfolio. He was previously at Herald Investment Management.

The fund’s annual management charge is 0.75 per cent.