MM Wired

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Date: Thursday 7th July, 11.30am

MM Wired: The simple touch

This debate looked at the merits of simplified underwriting versus the full ‘bells and whistles’ advised service when it comes to buying protection.

Topics discussed:

· Does simplified underwriting hold the key to boosting protection take-up and trust in protection products overall?
· How can a simpler underwriting process complement a fully advised service?
· How does the protection industry find the middle ground between boosting consumer engagement through straightforward criteria, and managing the wider risks?
· Is it treating customers fairly to focus on giving them a quicker decision online rather than going through traditional manual underwriting?


· Emma Thomson, Life Office Relationship Director at LifeSearch
· Peter Chadborn, Director and Adviser at Plan Money
· Toby Bainbridge, Head of Reinsurance, Royal London
· Ian McKenna, Director, Finance & Technology Research Centre

Chaired by:
Natalie Holt, Editor, Money Marketing