MM Wired: What next for pension tax relief?

Thursday 08 October 2015, 10am.

Subject:What next for pension tax relief?
Sponsor: Royal London

The Government has fired the starting gun on the next big reform to shake up the pensions market – pension tax relief. Having decided the current model of pension taxation looks unsustainable, politicians and policymakers are now trying to decide the best way forward. But is reform more about boosting the tax take than making the system inherently fairer? And will the eventual outcome be that savers are inclined to contribute less to their pension rather than more?

Topics discussed:

  • Why the current system needs to be reformed (or not)?
  • What are the options for reform, and the challenges for implementation?
  • Is reform of the taxation of pensions a fait accompli?
  • Pensions as Isas – could this work in practice?


Thomas Selby, Head of News, Money Marketing


Dr Yvonne Braun, Director of Long-term Savings Policy, Association of British Insurers
Mick McAteer, Director, The Financial Inclusion Centre
Adrian Boulding, Principal Consultant, Dunstan Thomas
Fiona Tait, Pensions Specialist, Royal London