MM Wired: The simple touch

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Date: Thursday 7th July, 11.30am

MM Wired: The simple touch

This debate looked at the merits of simplified underwriting versus the full ‘bells and whistles’ advised service when it comes to buying protection. Follow the conversation and questions on Twitter using the hashtag #MMWired.

Topics to discussed:

· Does simplified underwriting hold the key to boosting protection take-up and trust in protection products overall?
· How can a simpler underwriting process complement a fully advised service?
· How does the protection industry find the middle ground between boosting consumer engagement through straightforward criteria, and managing the wider risks?
· Is it treating customers fairly to focus on giving them a quicker decision online rather than going through traditional manual underwriting?


· Emma Thomson, Life Office Relationship Director at LifeSearch
· Peter Chadborn, Director and Adviser at Plan Money
· Toby Bainbridge, Head of Reinsurance, Royal London
· Ian McKenna, Director, Finance & Technology Research Centre

Chaired by:
Natalie Holt, Editor, Money Marketing