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Miliband accuses Government of offering “counsel of despair”

Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused the Coalition Government of offering only a “counsel of despair” as ministers attempt to cut the UK’s budget deficit.

In his New Year message, Miliband (pictured) says Britain will begin 2012 in “the most difficult of moments” after unemployment reached 2.64 million earlier this month.

However, he says the Government’s approach to deficit reduction has benefited the richest in society at the expense of the poorest.

He says: “Just when the challenges facing our country are the greatest for a generation, many people feel politics cannot answer their problems.

“Some believe things would be the same whoever was in charge. And others fear the Government is in the grip of forces so powerful that nothing can be done.

“It suits the current Conservative-led government to go along with this idea. Having failed in their promise to make Britain a safe haven, they now say that there is no alternative to rising joblessness and years of falling living standards for working people. It is a counsel of despair.

“When this government, in the Treasury’s Autumn Statement, takes three times as much from the working poor as from the banks, it shows where its priorities lie – with the privileged few.”

Miliband says Labour’s aim for 2012 is “to show people politics can make a difference”, with the party set to continue to press ministers to introduce policies to stimulate jobs and growth.


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  1. After the smoke and mirrors of the last Labour Government at least the current Government is not kidding anyone that it will be a bed of roses..

  2. If Gordon Brown hadn’t invented the millions of “non-jobs” to kid suckers like Miliband about the real state of the economy we would now be in a far better position.
    Having inherited about 20% real unemployment from the Labour “government” (just add the admitted figures to the number of economically inactive individuals and you’ll see what I mean) I think it is extremely hypocritical to criticise those trying to sort out the mess caused by the Labour party.

  3. So what do you propose instead, Mr Miliband? The usual Labour policies of taxing more, borrowing more and spending more? No thanks. Those are the very things that got UK plc into the current mess, along with non-regulation of the banks.

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