Lemonade Reward adds fizz to financial management

Our services include pension planning, employee benefits advice, financial education and training. While you think this may be the same as every other firm, we disagree; we believe we do things differently. We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we communicate in ways that truly engage employees through design and content, developing packages for differing client groups and generations. By this we mean interactive pdfs, engaging presentations, videos and animations – all of which are mobile and tablet ready.

We believe we are ‘ahead of the pack’ with our financial education packages; designed for a multi-generational workforce, we offer financial information relevant for each life stage rather than providing generic material that will be ignored. Feedback suggests we are taking the right approach; 79 per cent of those on the receiving end of our communications perceive the value of their company benefits to be higher than before and 96 per cent agree their pension knowledge has improved.

We provide financial benefits and training for more than 10,000 UK employees working in firms across a range of sectors including finance, technology, legal, media and retail. Not bad for a ‘new kid on the block’.

Enough of the rhetoric; over the next few months, we will share the thoughts of those we engage with, let you know what your employees are really thinking about and provide platforms for debate.