JO Hambro plans equity fund in US

JO Hambro Capital Management is planning a US equity fund run by US-based managers in the next three to four years.

Chief executive Gavin Roch-ussen says the firm, which currently manages £7bn of assets, has the capacity to manage £12bn. He says: “You have to have a presence in the US to credibly manage US equities. It is a very competitive market and you need to be on the ground.”

Rochussen says the firm will probably look at small to mid-cap as the US large-cap area is very competitive.

In July, BT Investment Management announced its acquisition of JO Hambro Capital Management.

Rochussen says there is potential to sell BTIM’s Australian equity funds to JO Hambro clients. He adds that the firm will also look at running BTIM’s outsourced mandates.

Rochussen says: “What will drive that is fee rates and whether there is accord between the way the clients want the funds to be managed and how we run the funds.”