9 March 2017


Phil Jeynes: A new age for online protection applications

Technology companies have historically had a bit of a reputation for taking themselves too seriously and not speaking the same language as the rest of the world. But it is increasingly important that technology and business works hand in hand, since a large proportion of sales take place online. In the protection market, recent research […]


Nick Bamford: The challenge for clients in choosing an adviser

What is it about you and your firm that encourages a person to appoint you as their adviser? Perhaps it is your unique combination of qualifications, experience and engaging personality. Perhaps you are able to evidence the skill you employ through relevant story-telling in order to help them solve whatever financial challenges they may be […]


What the FCA needs to understand about advice vs guidance

The recent statement by FCA chairman John Griffith-Jones that the divide between guidance and advice has become hard to define exposes a worrying lack of understanding of the value of regulated advice. Regulated advice can be easily distinguished from guidance. The six main features that set them apart are: The scope of advice versus guidance […]


Martin Tilley: Fielding client questions on the annual allowance

The threat of reductions to the current tax- relieved pension savings allowance and the fast approaching end of tax year mean many people’s thoughts will be turning to last-minute contributions. In relation to this, a common question from clients is: “What is my annual allowance?”. My reply is: “How long have you got?” As we […]

Richard Buxton: Why are investors sitting on the sidelines?

Markets are flirting with all-time highs and rightly so. The world – in economic terms at least – is in a better place. Employment prospects are bright, global growth is on the up and credit is readily available. Corporate results, thus far, have either met, or indeed bettered, investor expectations. This is a far cry […]


A small step for providers to help grieving families

One of the gripes you often hear from advisers is that the decision-makers in our industry are so far removed from the front line they do not understand what our clients really worry about and what motivates their behaviours, let alone our barriers to writing protection business. Indeed, I have done my fair share of […]

Tony Mudd: A tax year end like no other for non-doms

February through to the end of March is always a busy time for advisers. There is plenty to discuss with clients, from the basics of maximising their Isa and pension contributions through to more sophisticated investments, such as enterprise investment schemes and venture capital trusts, and planning, such as assets relocation between spouses and civil […]

First State favours fixed income amid ‘acute’ market volatility

First State Diversified Growth fund manager Andrew Harman is expecting “acute” market volatility this year as his £18.9m fund reaches its two-year anniversary. The  fund is more skewed towards fixed income strategies than equities, with around 52 per cent allocated to bonds while equities make up around 37 per cent of the portfolio. Harman says: […]