Wells Street Journal: Pensions Regulator lobs a rotten Nest egg

Much has been made of the Government’s taxpayer funded campaign encouraging voters to back remaining in the EU.

The Leave side predictably went ballastic when details emerged of the 14-page booklet sent to every household in the UK at a cost of £9m.

Leading Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage also presumably received the handy document explaining why Britain Is Stronger In.

Which brings us neatly to Now: Pensions.

For news reaches WSJ Towers that the auto-enrolment provider was recently delivered of a reminder from the Pensions Regulator.

TPR helpfully pointed out the firm – which runs auto-enrolment for nearly a million savers – was due to enrol its own staff.

In what must surely be a calculating dig, the letter helpfully recommends Government-backed scheme Nest as a potential provider.

It is unknown how chief executive Morten Nilsson reacted upon opening the letter suggesting his own staff save with a rival firm.

But the WSJ assumes he took the opportunity to test the strength of the blades of the nearest shredder.