Best Investment Adviser: Saunderson House

Best investment adviser

Saunderson House took the top spot in this category, with the judges impressed with the institutional way that Saunderson operated, its slick processes and a clearly set out approach to dealing with clients. One judge particularly commended the investment process behind Saunderson, describing it as a “pure investment adviser”.
The judges liked the hourly charging structure, which is not the norm in the investment adviser business, and which they felt summed up Saunderson’s different approach to working. Saunderson’s attitude to risk approach, which uses a real-life example of losses and gains that would have occurred in a financial crash, shows the company os thinking outside the box and helped to affirm their innovative approach, with one judge describing it as “unique and inventive”.

After much deliberation, the judges awarded highly commended to Mattioli Woods, saying it is “very successful in what it is achieving”. One judge said the company was very “strong and passionate” about the business, with another highlighting the range and breadth of different products on offer.


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Redbourne Wealth Management
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